Thanks! I Hate It - "Lovers Lane" T3H-110


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The debut album from California's very own Thanks! I Hate It, bleeds honesty and drips with 10 tracks of sentiment as it soars its’ way down 5th wave emo’s cascading coast of indie rock vibes mixed with punk rock roots. “Lovers Lane” IS sorched earth, a blistering debut of an album that has odes to a younger Taking Back Sunday or more contemporary bands like
Hot Mulligan or Modern Baseball.

Lovers Lane is out now via Take This To Heart Records


  1. O Possum, My Possum
  2. Participation Trophy Wife
  3. Wet Hot American Bummer
  4. Nobody Actually likes The Tambourine
  5. Modern Blernsball
  6. Dungeons
  7. And Drag Queens
  8. Disney Bland
  9. Meatwood Flack
  10. God Keeps Parking in My Spot