With The Punches - "Keep It Going / It's Not The End Of The World" PGR-020


This Is A Parting Gift Records Release
Shirt Printed On Comfort Colors
In Hand & Shipping by end of August

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With The Punches - “Keep It going / It’s Not The End Of The World” returns to vinyl. We’ve teamed up with the band to bring you three different variants and an out of /100 alternate cover. Records are in hand and shipping by the end of August.

Track Listing:

Side A:
1. Don’t Catch A Brick
2. Thrill Your Idols
3. Corporate Ladder Match
4. Burned At Both Ends
5. Stick And Move
6. Slizzard Crossing (You’re Doing it Wrong)
7. Keep It Going

Side B:
1. Never Stop
2. No… I’m Not Going To 80’s Night
3. No Blood, No Foul
4. Dead Weight
5. Hulk Hands

Pressing Information

100: Alternate Cover - Color in Color (Ruby + Bluejay)
200: Ruby w/ Black & Baby Blue Splatter
300: Cobalt w/ Baby Blue & Sky Blue Splatter