Snarls / The Sonder Bombs - "A Really Cool Split" T3H-074


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Snarls and The Sonder Bombs present A Really Cool Split. Besides the fact this release unites two Midwestern powerhouses of outspoken pop-rock, the split finds each band retrofitting songs from the other into fresh reimaginings — TSB’s “Twinkle Lights” gains a mournful folk backbone, while Snarls’ “Marbles” winks through electronic accents. The Sonder Bombs also offer a new track, “Pindrop,” a classic example of the band marrying the morose with the melodic.

You can purchase both bands debut LP a la carte below or with the split!

Purchase Snarls debut LP Burst HERE

Purchase The Sonder Bombs debut LP Modern Female Rockstar HERE


  1. Snarls - Walk in the Woods (acoustic)
  2. Snarls - Twinkle Lights
  3. The Sonder Bombs - Pindrop
  4. The Sonder Bombs - Marbles