Bad Luck - "Cold Bones" T3H-076


Originally released in 2014, Bad Luck.'s debut LP Cold Bones follows a band in transition between two core sounds. Dominick Fox's expressive vocals cut through Floridian heat and past lives, creating an experience that's towering at its most colossal and contemplative at its softest. Its inaugural vinyl release via the band's current home, Take This to Heart Records, will chart audible DNA between the New York band's past, present Drug Phase EP, and upcoming future LP.


  1. Willoughby
  2. Wooden Townhouse
  3. Threat Level Midnight
  4. King Of The Ring
  5. I Wish The World Would End (Every Jan. 10th)
  6. Lantern Park
  7. Graphic Novel(s)
  8. Map Reader (A Monthly Conversation)
  9. Ex-Friends
  10. Cold Bones
Pressing Information

First Press:

200: Clear w/ Cherry Red Splatter
300: Clear w/ Royal Blue Splatter