McCafferty - "Thanks. Sorry. Sure." T3H-032


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Ohio's McCafferty began as most good ear worms should: melodies looped into and blended with pop-rock backbeats, a knack for urgent relatability, and a dedication to capturing a universal feeling. The duo quickly amassed an Internet following obsessed with documenting every move the band made across their early material. The chase became harder to continue when the band dissolved as quickly and feverishly as they formed – until the Web gave the band, now college graduates, reason to fine-tune their formula.

The result, originally backed by a GoFundMe campaign that reached its goal seven times, is Thanks. Sorry. Sure. The roots of the two-piece remain intact, sampling voicemails, friends’ drunken shouts, and even the 2000s Britpop band Keane to create a familiar, comfortable baseline. But, the caffeine shot through McCafferty’s first run gets replaced by a darker vice for their second wind, shocking the arrangements – now the work of a four-piece – with a forced inward gaze. Hopefully, there’s no more breaks in the action, just more to rally around.

All songs recorded at central 8 studios in Akron, Ohio. Produced/Mastered by super producer Nate Doutt

Dead bird design by Jenna Dresel

-United Kingdom and European customers can order the record courtesy of Monkey Boy Records


  1. Trailer Trash
  2. Cut Out The Pieces
  3. Daddy Long Legs
  4. SOWK
  5. Outlaw
  6. Dead Bird II
Pressing Information

First Pressing:
200: Cream (100 Monkey boy records UK/Europe Exclusive)
300: Half Cream / Half Green (Originally stated as Half Pink)
500: Pink w/ Cream & Green Splatter

Second Pressing:
600: Purple w/ Green Splatter (VNYL exclusive)
400: Green w/ White Splatter

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