Save Face - Folly: On The Rocks T3H-040


Save Face is back with "Folly: On The Rocks" - a reimagined version of their stellar 2016 EP "Folly".

With "Folly: On The Rocks" the band takes a stripped down, sometimes acoustic, sometimes piano driven, but mostly intimate look into the heart of what makes Save Face. Unique and bare, this version of Save Face showcases their penchant for crafting well-written catchy songs that translate in any genre.

On "Folly", Save Face takes their art to the pinnacle of the bands current evolution. Mixing in smart, rollicking leads with intense vocal hooks that demand your attention. Akin to New Jersey scene godfathers Save The Day, Save Face take on personal examination to another level as Povada goes on to say that “Folly is meant to personify the way in which we derive our self-worth from anything but one’s self. These songs are an examination of a breakdown in communication, both internally and externally.”


  1. Preoccupied
  2. Ditched
  3. Brain
  4. Overdue
  5. Backseat
  6. Folly
  7. Preoccupied (On The Rocks)
  8. Ditched (On The Rocks)
  9. Brain (On The Rocks)
  10. Overdue (On The Rocks)
  11. Backseat (On The Rocks)
  12. Folly (On The Rocks)
Pressing Information

600 - Clear w/ Teal & Pink Splatter
400 - Clear w/ Maroon & White Splatter