Dead Leaves - "Dead Leaves" T3H-016


“This is the first time personally where I feel like I had no limits to writing the songs”, says singer/guitarist Elliot Blair. “I wrote about things to get them off of my chest, and we want people to connect and relate.”

A bold and honest statement from the front man of the Cleveland, OH based band Dead Leaves. Their new self-titled EP is filled with heart-on-a-string emotion that fits right at home with bands like Brand New, Balance And Composure and The Hotelier.

From the very first words of Reconstruct Your Body Blair croons, “So, I felt a weight pressing when you spoke the truth to me, I never honored sympathy so much”. Blair’s delivery exudes pain and his lyrics paint pictures that blend with their loud/quiet dynamics to create an overall ebb and flow that can bring listeners to their feet or to their knees.

Previously self-releasing their last release “Amend Regret”, Dead Leaves has now teamed with Massachusetts based label Take This To Heart Records to help further expand their reach and get their music in as many hands as possible.

Dead Leaves self titled EP will be re-released on July 14th on 12”/CD via Take This To Heart Records. Pre-order now to receive an immediate download of the record.

Engineered and Mixed by Dave Piatek of Dave Piatek Recording Services in June 2014
Produced by Dave Piatek
Mastered by Sun Room Audio
Additional vocals by Jenna Fournier of Nights

Dead Leaves is:
Elliott Blair
Alex Tucker
Vince Defilippo
Gene Bernardo


  1. Reconstruct Your Body
  2. Confidence
  3. Framework
  4. I Was Once an Extrovert
  5. Interpretations of the Past
  6. Fading
Pressing Information

200 Black
200 Beer w/ Ox Blood Splatter
100 White