4-Way Split 7" w/ Traditions, Knockout Kid, No Tide and Fourth & Goal T3H-004


This 4-way split 7” is the 4th release from indie/punk/folk label Take This To Heart records and encompasses a wide variety of acts ranging from all over the USA. Featuring one song a piece from such great bands as Knockout Kid (IL), Fourth & Goal (CT), Traditions (MA) and No Tide (NE) this split hopes to showcase some of the great indie-pop-punk bands across the country.

Mastered at Zing Studios in Westfield, MA
Additional Mastering of Knockout Kid "Safety Net On Fire" by: Mick Maslowski


  1. Traditions- Wax And Wane
  2. No Tide- Mind's Eye View
  3. Knockout Kid- Safety Net On Fire
  4. Fourth & Goal- Chutes and Ladders
Pressing Information

100-Translucent Red
200-Translucent Green
200-Translucent Blue