Save Face - "Folly: On The Rocks"

11/15/17 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-040

Save Face is back with "Folly: On The Rocks" - a reimagined version of their stellar 2016 EP "Folly".

With "Folly: On The Rocks" the band takes a stripped down, sometimes acoustic, sometimes piano driven, but mostly intimate look into the heart of what makes Save Face. Unique and bare, this version of Save Face showcases their penchant for crafting well-written catchy songs that translate in any genre.

On "Folly", Save Face takes their art to the pinnacle of the bands current evolution. Mixing in smart, rollicking leads with intense vocal hooks that demand your attention. Akin to New Jersey scene godfathers Save The Day, Save Face take on personal examination to another level as Povada goes on to say that “Folly is meant to personify the way in which we derive our self-worth from anything but one’s self. These songs are an examination of a breakdown in communication, both internally and externally.”

Hodera - "First Things First"

10/20/2017 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-037

Effortlessly mixing vibrant indie-rock with the story telling of Americana, Hodera is prepared to be a band that never leaves listeners heads.

Spearheaded by Matthew Smith, Hodera has persisted in forming a unique sound amidst the vast depths of successful New Jersey acts. The group’s first release, 2014’s Reset To Default, was only a glimpse at the songwriting talent possessed by Smith. With 2015’s United By Birdcalls the name Hodera name was put on the map, touring extensively both in the United States and the United Kingdom. From landing showcases at SXSW and set times at The Fest, the honest nature of the songs found the band at the top of Spotify Viral Charts. Hodera will now release First Things First via Take This To Heart Records on October 20th.

First Things First is an explorative album, diving into difficult subjects such as depression, suicide, loss and love. Hodera have weaved a web of progress through their constant work ethic, bettering their songwriting and pushing the boundaries of their delicate dynamics. First Things First is candid with its emotions, unraveling a soundscape that provides listeners with an album full of memory and warmth.

"I like to keep the storyline in each song raw, so it's not just a general pop song, or anyone else’s memory. It’s my story that I’m telling and letting people connect with,” Smith comments about First Things First. Being transparent is more than an act for Hodera, it's embedded into the very soul of the music, and that's what makes their music feel personal.

Through First Things First’s dynamic ten tracks, we are brought on a journey with Hodera, as Matthew poetically narrates each story. We join them in the confusion and frustration of growing up and trying to find where we belong; the grief of losing friends, family and potential loves; the dark corners depression can lead to, and the measures someone will go to just for a glimpse at happiness’ light again. Ultimately though, it leads us to the realization that no one is alone in the human experience and we can all strive to get better. So, first things first, go give this album a listen.

First Things First is out now on 12”/CD/Digital via Take This To Heart Records

Jetty Bones - "Old Women"

10/6/17 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-039

Emerging from a small town in Ohio, Jetty Bones is the musical endeavor of Kelc Galluzzo, who utilizes a core group of friends that help bring the project to life on stage. For what is technically a solo project with a full band mentality, this project is anything but the efforts of one person.

Channeling the band's namesake, Betty Jones, who broke out of her all girl's catholic school to remove herself from a situation where she wasn't happy, this band exists to encourage people to rise above every day situations and push for a life with better meaning.

Jetty Bones new EP Old Women is a story of progress, growth, and the development of human connection - something often overlooked in today's society. In a world so focused on outward appearances, Old Women takes you on a journey through one girl's mental and emotional attempts to attach to something in a more genuine way, that something being other people. "Written as a means of coping through introspective experiences, this record is really about finding the balance between independence and vulnerability. I'm sharing these songs to encourage the humbling process it takes to really get close to other people, something I've struggled with since my teen years." Kelc responds well to being called an open book. "It's always been less about sharing my own story, and more about creating a place where other people feel connected enough to share their's."

Old Women is out now on CD/Digital via Take This To Heart Records

Kali Masi - "Wind Instrument"

10/6/17 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-036

“Kali Masi carved out a sonic space between the urgency of the punk and hardcore bands that were our foundation and the Midwestern Emo breeze that was sweeping through our towns at the time. But, we wanted to be a counterpoint for the evergreen music scene that thrives in Chicago; to move with the current but never float on the surface. To write as many songs as we could in ways that we hadn’t heard before. So, we dug in our heels and started pushing” says singer/guitarist Sam Porter on where their sound for their debut LP "Wind Instrument" comes from.

He continues, “It sort of feels like you’re piecing together a mosaic of the parts of your life that you want to keep around. Figuring out what fits and using it to sculpt an image of what felt true then and what still feels true now. Little by little, we carve out parts that feel right. As people, we break and grow. Make adjustments along the way. Step back, realize you’re not where you wanted to be, erase, change, break, grow.”

After a handful of EP’s and relentless touring, Kali Masi called upon Jay Maas (Defeater, Polar Bear Club, Vanna) to take the helm and produce Wind Instrument. Porter goes on to say, “We worked with Maas, an astounding engineer, musician, and now great friend to make the record. Together, we set up camp at the legend-of-punk-lore Atlas Studios in Chicago and put pen to paper, piecing the fragmented parts of the past few years into some songs that we felt made sense of it all.”

Kali Masi's "Wind Instrument" is out now on 12”/CD/Digital via Take This To Heart Records.

Future Teens - "Hard Feelings"

9/29/17 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-038

Future Teens started as a joke, and perhaps appropriately, the band played their first show in a sweaty basement while a Fourth of July barbecue raged outside. They played three songs at that 2014 show, each less practiced than the one before.

The group's debut EP Still Afraid of Allston was scruffy and full of hooks, a bedroom-pop gem that was recorded "right into the computer—we didn't even use amps," Radin (Vocals/Bass) recalls. The charming, conversational songs demanded a fuller sound in a live setting at the band's shows in their hometown of Boston and beyond and so drummer Dylan Vadakin, guitarist Nick Cortezi, and vocalist and guitarist Amy Hoffman signed on.

In 2017, Future Teens wrapped Bored And Alone, which was self-produced and mixed by Justin Pizzoferrato (Speedy Ortiz, Krill). The band's hooks and energy are bolstered by the four-piece setup; "when you're with three other people, you can bounce ideas off each other and collaboration is just more fulfilling," says Radin.

Though standalone in itself, Bored and Alone is a precursor to the band’s first full length effort, Hard Feelings. The album title encapsulates how each song toes the line between despair and humor. “Having feelings all the time is hard — but everyone has them in one way or another— my goal with these songs was to write about things that happen to nearly everyone at some point in their lives” Radin explains.

Hard Feelings is out now via Take This to Heart Records features 10 tracks of romantic misadventure, miscommunication and mistakes. The album also features songwriting from Hoffman and Vadakin. Hoffman remarks, “These new songs are happy sad. Though some are sadder than others, singing them is always cathartic.”

Take This To Heart Records Fall Sampler 2017

10/01/17 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-042

Our freaking newest songs to date from 2017! Get stoked!

Dead Leaves - "Vultures"

08/25/17 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-035

Throughout the creation of the new record from Cleveland trio Dead Leaves, vocalist/guitarist Elliott Blair kept returning to a central theme of vulnerability, and the exploitation of such powerlessness, which he began to call “Vultures.” Hence the title of the record — out August 25th on Take This To Heart Records — with each song conveying its own angle on this theme. In the year that it took Blair to craft Vultures, he wrote approximately 50 songs, with some sections taking between two and three hours to complete. In fact, sometimes Blair would take six or seven hours out of his day to work on a song, before ultimately deciding to scrap them. The final product is 10 songs, which Blair has determined serve as a justification for the moments where he felt a little crazy.

The trio owes a lot to the Cleveland punk music scene, a like-minded group of accepting individuals that allows and encourages freedom to be who you want to be and sound how you want to sound. Dead Leaves is comprised of Blair, alongside drummer Gene Bernardo and bassist Alex Tucker, with Blair and Tucker having previously played together in a band called Call it Fiction. However, it wasn’t until Bernardo booked Call it Fiction at his house that Blair and Tucker invited him to join the group, only weeks before the newly formed Dead Leaves entered the studio to record their debut self-titled EP.

With a new full band, the writing process for Vultures was far from insular. Additionally, Blair was able to share his ideas with friends, who were consistently honest with their thoughts and suggestions. “Throughout writing this record, I would share songs with my friends and get an opinion,” he says. “I'm lucky enough to have friends who can tell me that a song sucks. If I can write something they like, then I know I'm on the right track.”

Recorded and produced by longtime friend and collaborator Dave Piatek at his studio in the Little Italy area of Cleveland, the band went into the Vultures sessions knowing what to expect during production. It's sometimes hard to know which direction to push when you're writing, but it seems like Dave always knows which direction to go and he brought the songs to a new level,” Blair recalls.

All in all, Vultures took about two years to write, record, and prepare for release. “I’m so happy with how this record turned out… We’re so excited to release it into the world.”

Vultures is out now on 12"/CD/Digital via Take This To Heart Records.

Tranquility - "Sonic Propensity"

07/14/17 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-034

“These songs are a reflection of my own self, thoughts, and feelings durning different situations I had been experiencing though out that time.” says singer/guitarist Brett Kaminski. He continues, “I had found that there was a lot of change happening in my life and a lot of new things I had to learn to be okay with.”

Tranquility’s debut album Sonic Propensity is a joyride, a free flowing journey that echoes change from the opening lyrics of their first single Tamarack - “I've been wandering, thinking about all those summer days While your lying in the mess you made take a second to believe in me I will give you everything you need." Along the way you will get hints of 90’s alt rock jangly guitars mixed with the laid back vocals of Turnover on tracks like "Afraid" and the epic closer "Picture Frames."

Sonic Propensity was recorded and produced by Mat Kerekes (Citizen) and is out now on CD/Digital via Take This To Heart Records.

McCafferty - "Thanks. Sorry. Sure."

06/30/17 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-032

Ohio's McCafferty began as most good earworms should: melodies looped into and blended with pop-rock backbeats, a knack for urgent relatability, and a dedication to capturing a universal feeling. The duo quickly amassed an Internet following obsessed with documenting every move the band made across their early material. The chase became harder to continue when the band dissolved as quickly and feverishly as they formed – until the Web gave the band, now college graduates, reason to fine-tune their formula.

The result, originally backed by a GoFundMe campaign that reached its goal seven times, is Thanks. Sorry. Sure. The roots of the two-piece remain intact, sampling voicemails, friends’ drunken shouts, and even the 2000s Britpop band Keane to create a familiar, comfortable baseline. But, the caffeine shot through McCafferty’s first run gets replaced by a darker vice for their second wind, shocking the arrangements – now the work of a four-piece – with a forced inward gaze. Hopefully, there’s no more breaks in the action, just more to rally around.

All songs recorded at central 8 studios in Akron, Ohio. Produced/Mastered by super producer Nate Doutt

Swordfish - "Rodia

05/05/2017 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-031

“We’re concerned with trying to be empathetic and trying to understand the impulses and dependencies of those close to you,” says Swordfish singer Chandler Lach. From the basements and living rooms of Ypsilanti, MI Swordfish were formed and their penchant for connecting to their fans comes from their down to earth upbringings. Lach goes on to say “Everything from mental health, heartbreak, existentialism and accidently burning your friends with lit cigarettes is addressed on this album.”

Rodia takes cues from the beautiful guitar licks of American Football, the vocal urgency of Sorority Noise and the instant gratification of Joyce Manor, all while elegantly incorporating trumpet throughout each well crafted song. The eight tracks work together to bring the musings of anxious and heartbroken adolescents to a broader scale.

Rodia was recorded by Nick Diener (Swellers) at Oneder Studios and mastered by Cam Boucher (Sorority Noise) and is out now on CD/CS/Digital via Take This To Heart Records.

The Other Stars - "The Day We Met"

4/28/17 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-033

You’ve heard the story. Band writes amazing album, stuff doesn’t go well, band breaks up, either no one hears the album or there becomes this really crazy cult following around that album. We're hoping this story becomes the later.

The Other Stars made a statement behind their current hiatus (you can read here) and singer/guitarist Connor Bird even started his own non-profit to make sure people can be more aware and not be scared to take action about their own health.

That brings us to the album at hand. The Other Stars (possibly swan song) new album is entitled The Day We Met, fittingly enough the day that some people get to hear this stellar band may be the last. The words that begin the album in the aptly named song Everyone I Know are "I watched you walk away", possibly eerily signifying what was/is to come. On TDWM you get hit in the face with songs like Castle Hill and Future Distant History while the band also shows they can strip things down with intimate acoustic songs like on their epic album closer Wasted. If you already miss bands like Piebald and Modern Baseball, this album is going to fill your void, but sadly, you may already start missing The Other Stars.

"The Day We Met” is out now on CD/Digital via Take This To Heart Records. The album was produced and mixed by Arun of Saves The Day. 10% of every dollar will go to The Organization For The Pursuit of Happiness.

Super American - "Disposable"

04/07/17 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-028

We live in a weird point in time that seems to glorify being said, but you wouldn’t know it when listening to Super American. Disposable is a collection of songs that borrow from and build upon the building blocks laid by the pop rock of the 80s and 90s. One listen to “Sloppy Jazz” and the infectious “Na-na-na’s” that make up the chorus will recall the likes of “Angel is the Centerfold” and leave you singing along, smiling from ear to ear.

There’s a care-free, youthful energy to the songs on Disposable, and although we’ve got two different vocalists and songwriters, these songs build upon one another to create the perfect album to start the new year with. Like “Sloppy Jazz”, the rest of the Matt Cox songs tend to feel more inspired by the likes of 80’s pop rock; huge organ swells and the perfectly wordy hooks lend themselves to some of the most Summery sing-a-longs. The Pat Feeley songs feel like they were ripped from the late 90’s; each of them feels like they could have fronted any of the decade’s handful of coming-of-age movies.

These moments continue to build until we hit “Rebel’s Yell.” The song starts out acoustic and takes you out of the moment, but only for a second. The song feels like a Holy moment; from the chorus running high on “hallelujahs” to the moment when the music starts to pick up. This song is the pinnacle of everything they’ve strived to create, and the perfect note to end on.

Disposable is out now on CD/Digital via Take This To Heart Records.

Western Daughter - "Driftwood Songs"

03/24/17 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-029

The emo kids have finally found country, and it makes complete sense. Both genres—though seemingly disparate—intersect in their pursuit of the truth. Underneath the rhinestone luster, classic country music is trying to make you uncomfortable.

Pinegrove made this marriage palatable to the blogosphere, by injecting pop-punk sing-alongs with tenuous country twang. But they did this from the sequestered, east coast vantage point of Montclair, New Jersey. The gang in Boise, Idaho’s Western Daughter live it. Like early Modest Mouse or Mt. Eerie, Western Daughter’s music feels heavily informed by—and inextricable from—its environment. In this case, the secretly beautiful Idaho—a state that wrongheadedly promotes its potatoes instead of its swaths of rugged, unspoiled wilderness.

It’s tempting to say that the forthcoming Western Daughter LP, Driftwood Songs, is a “bigger” record—the group have expanded their sonic palette considerably. Songs like opener “Skinny Water” and “Pillars of Salt” are buoyant indie rock anthems that highlight the band’s punk heritage. But Western Daughter have managed to make a more “commercial” record without forsaking the homespun charm and signature forlornness that made their early work so raw and alluring. This is best exemplified by tracks like the country-flecked “Busy, Busy, Busy” and slow-burning closer “Control,” which bridge this gap seamlessly. It’s territory that may not have been blazed by Western Daughter, but their unique perspective and commitment to honesty above everything else—a trait they share with both their country and emo forebears—make them invaluable occupants.

Driftwood Songs it out now on 12"/CD/Digital via Take This To Heart Records

The Other Stars - "We Were Kids" (Acoustic)

3/17/17 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-030

Surprise! The Other Stars are back with a brand new take on their stellar debut album “We Were Kids”. See what people had to say about it:

"Think the Front Bottoms covering a Gaslight Anthem song while a Hotelier record plays in the background." Scott Heisel / Substream Magazine

"Well all indie-rock fans can breathe a massive sigh of relief because the saviors are here and their name is The Other Stars."- Originalrock.net

"This album is a snapshot of life, something that is impossible not to relate to, easy to sing along with, and will stick with you for years to come." - The Prelude Press

"This is a genuinely exciting EP that shows a tremendous amount of talent, poise, and heart. We Were Kids is one of the best debut EP’s I’ve heard in a long time."- Casualpunkfan.com

Recorded at the lovely Zing Studios (A Day To Remember, Underoath) in Westfield, MA by Frank Baron, The Other Stars strip down their energetic indie rock tunes and turn the dial down to bring you an intimate vocal driven album that anyone can enjoy.

Cover by Kenzy Dion

“We Were Kids” (acoustic) is out now for free/pay what you want on all digital services via Take This To Heart Records. Look for a brand new album summer 2017.

Fossil Youth - "A Glimpse Of Self Joy"

11/04/16 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-027

After battling the unattainable with the 2015 EP Intertwined With You, Fossil Youth are back and at it again with their new full length A Glimpse Of Self Joy. AGOSJ not only works well as individual songs but, also tells one cohesive story that takes you on a journey from the opening chords of the contagious sing along Watercolor Daydream to the final ring out of the epic closer Linger In My Head, where singer/guitarist Scottie Noonan laments over and over again, “You don’t need me at all.”

Noonan attacks the initial roadblocks, relapses, fond recollections, reminiscing and ultimately, the final resolution of a toxic relationship. Throughout the album, there is consistency in storytelling, that when listened to in sequential order, will bring a sense of apathy to the listener. Personal yet still universal, AGOSJ brings urgency in its songwriting. Noonan persists, “Although you know you shouldn't, you're replaying the best memories you have in the back of your head.”

For the recording of the album, Fossil Youth tapped producer Jay Maas (Citizen, The Menzingers, Somos) and headed to Boston, MA. You can hear hints of the laidback groove of Turnover melding with the quiet/loud dynamics of Balance & Composure. Songs like Minco & Sitting In A Spinning Room showcase the bands penchant for slowing things down and compelling the listener to firmly grasp every melody, while songs like Forest Eyes and Late Night Swim hit you right in the face and force you to bop your head in agreeance with the beat.

A Glimpse Of Self Joy is out now on 12”/CD/CS/Digital via Take This To Heart Records.

Save Face - "Folly"

07/08/16 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-026

Over the past two years, New Jersey Rock band Save Face has been all over the map - literally. They seem to have some sort of disease where the only treatment to is be on the road playing shows every day, as evidenced by their incredibly ambitious tour schedule; embarking on two Full US tours just six short months apart from one another. While they’ve been all over the place geographically, sonically they’ve been more centralized and focused than ever as they hone in tremendously on their distinct sound with their latest EP, "Folly".

On "Folly", Save Face takes their art to the pinnacle of the bands current evolution by mixing in smart, ripping leads with intense vocal hooks that demand your attention. Akin to New Jersey scene godfathers Save The Day, Save Face takes on personal examination to another level, as singer Tyler Povanda explains “Folly is meant to personify the way in which we derive our self-worth from anything but one’s self. These songs are an examination of a breakdown in communication, both internally and externally.”

"Folly" is out now on 12”/CD/Digital via Take This To Heart Records in conjunction with Backpack Records and Open Door Records. Given their constant need to be on the road, you can expect them in your area once every 3 to 5 months.

Locket - "Never There, Never Was"

05/13/16 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-025

Austin, Texas based rock/post-punk band Locket take influences from an extensive amount of bands. Ranging from the harder side of La Dispute and Mewithoutyou but not limiting themselves to more melodic driven bands such as Glassjaw and Brand New. Locket’s all out vocal assault and driving guitars blend eloquently with their pulsing drums as they seamlessly switch from loud to quiet and then back again.

These longtime friends intend to capture the raw emotion of the music that helped shape who they are today. Formed in 2014, and with only word of mouth, DIY booking, and no actual release of music, the band quickly filled local and regional lineups and built relationships and networks with bands and fans. An honest excitement was being built that was reminiscent of bands that helped build our youth.

With the release of their new EP "Never There, Never Was", Locket build on a multitude of sounds that ring throughout their 2015 self-titled debut. Expanding and maturing, Locket take what worked so well for them and mold it into their own unique take on the post-punk/post-hardcore genre.

The Other Stars - "We Were Kids"

04/29/16 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-023

“I think it’s a pretty important thing for people to feel like they’re at home. Not just where you live, or a sense of stability, but with the people you’re surrounded by too,” says The Other Stars singer/guitarist Connor Bird. Hailing from the small town of Worcester, MA, these sentiments resonate throughout The Other Stars debut release, “We Were Kids,” as Bird deals with a multitude of relationships that shape his life and the record. He goes on to say, “I don’t think it’s necessarily inherent in classic examples like the nuclear family either, like some people expect it to be. It can come in all shapes and sizes. And I think we’ve all had times where we don’t feel at home anymore, which can be pretty lonely.”

Blending modern indie rock with 90’s alternative while layering on top quirky, introspective lyrics - The Other Stars are a breath of fresh air for both new and old ears.

Bird delivers a candor and honesty in his lyrical approach that keeps the listeners engaged. “I don't want to be your radio, tuning in to any station you might like that fits your selfish needs on winter nights, when you would call me on the phone to validate all of the stupid selfish reasons why your house is not a home.” Self evaluation in both the macro and micro sense bleed through on songs like “Green My Eyes” and “Very Okay” while songs like “Home Is Where You Make It” take on a sense of identity and where you belong in the world right now.

Locket - "Locket"

02/01/2016 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-024

Austin, Texas based rock/post-punk band Locket take influences from an extensive amount of bands. Ranging from the harder side of La Dispute and Mewithoutyou but not limiting themselves to more melodic driven bands such as Glassjaw and Brand New. Locket’s all out vocal assault and driving guitars blend eloquently with their pulsing drums as they seamlessly switch from loud to quiet and then back again.

These longtime friends intend to capture the raw emotion of the music that helped shape who they are today. Formed in 2014, and with only word of mouth, DIY booking, and no actual release of music, the band quickly filled local and regional lineups and built relationships and networks with bands and fans. An honest excitement was being built that was reminiscent of bands that helped build our youth.

Teaming up with label Take This To Heart Records, Locket re-released their self-titled EP on February 1st, 2016 and are poised to put out even more tunes later on this year.

Dead Leaves / PINE - "Split"

11/7/15 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-021

Cope. Not everyone does it the same way. Not everyone can put the pen to paper, create, sing and repeat every night without losing candor. Every story is unique. Every story is unparalleled. Take This To Heart Records is proud to present four songs from two bands that exude sincerity in the most endearing ways.

Dead Leaves & PINE have teamed up to put together a mercurial split that penetrates and cuts the skin with both beauty and eloquence. Spinning emotional webs that revolve around heart wrenching retellings of vulnerability, love and death. These songs not only stick to your soul, but also leave an imprint.

“I started writing ‘Recycled Air’ in February and kind of set it aside until my Dad passed away”, reveals Dead Leaves vocalist/guitarist Elliot Blair. “I picked the song back up and finished it out of anger, frustration and sadness.” Elliot put a lifetime’s worth affection and adoration into two and a half minutes that simply brings the listener closer with every syllable sung.

PINE vocalist Darlene Deschamps’ delivery is ripe with volatility as she sings, “Use me… I don’t have another way out” in the split closer Lopri. Her unabashed unapologetic vocals work perfectly diving in and out of pulsing drums and guitars that seem to shift from soothing to angry, as the mood dictates.

Cleveland, Ohio’s Dead Leaves recently re-released their stellar self-titled EP through Take This To Heart Records that fits in with bands like Brand New and Say Anything. While Ontario, Canada’s PINE comes off the heels of a fantastic self released debut EP entitled “you bury me” that feels right at home with the likes of Field Mouse, Lydia and Balance and Composure.

Sundressed - "The Same Condition"

10/23/15 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-020

Life is all about transitions, the desire to get from who you are to who you want to be. Just like the people who comprise them, every band is on a journey to find an identity and become comfortable in it’s own skin. For Phoenix, Arizona indie punks, Sundressed, these changes are the foundation of their new EP, The Same Condition.

After a string of releases dabbling in different sounds, Sundressed began to truly find their unique voice on their early 2015 EP, Dig Up A Miracle. Now with the release of The Same Condition, the band continue to deliver on the promise of their earlier work, creating endearingly honest melodic punk mixed with shades of indie rock, and massive hooks to spare.

Sonically, Sundressed excel at writing soaring harmonies and ear warm choruses, but lyrically, The Same Condition touches on darker territory. Heartbreak, depression, and toxic relationships are commonplace in alternative music, but Sundressed singer/guitarist Trevor Hedges takes a unique approach, deftly balancing intensely personal stories with universally relatable truths. Hedges said of the EP, “being in recovery and having struggled with depression in the past always makes things harder, but these songs are my way of letting it out and realizing that you can get through just about anything without going down a dark path.”

Sundressed walk a line between youthful enthusiasm and adult thoughtfulness, energetic punk and quirky indie, harrowing desperation and uplifting hopefulness. On The Same Condition the band have embraced these dynamics, found solace in transition, and are well on their way to becoming who they want to be.

Embracer - "Mend"

10/9/15 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-022

EMBRACER is a five-piece indie/rock outfit based out of Charleston, West Virginia. While officially forming in the Spring of 2011, the band has went through an extensive metamorphosis since then. Bringing together a collective of dark, brooding, and ambient works, the group also strongly enforces substance and feeling in their music. Leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

In November of 2014, EMBRACER released their debut EP entitled My Father's Will. A five track record mixed, and mastered by Matt Malpass in Atlanta, Georgia. The EP is an emotionally moving, and personal work from start to finish. It is a brief, but raw look into Embracer and what is to come.

“My Father's Will has been a cornerstone in everything that has transpired thus far.” Says singer/guitarist Jordan Bradley. He continues, “We've been places, met people, and overall shared experiences that couldn't have happened without recording those songs.”

Jordan says, “Mend is a way to take a different approach, and see things from a raw perspective, a portion of the songs that have changed our lives.” Stripped down and confessional, Mend conjures emotion in its’ simplest form. Bare and unadulterated EMBRACER’s new EP shows the softer side of the band while showcasing their immense song writing talent.

Take This To Heart Records//Mayflower Collective Summer 2015 Sampler

7/15 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-019

FREE Summer 2015 compilation with our good friends at the Mayflower Collective.
Featuring Sundressed, Fossil Youth, Head North, A Will Away, On Your Marks, PINE, Dead Leave and more!

Nerve Clinic - "Fail Better"

7/17/15 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-018

Nerve Clinic is the project of Chase Griffis from Salt Lake City, Utah. Forming in October 2011, Griffis gave life to his collection of bedroom songs and teamed up with Jeremy Conder and Eric Rose (I am the Ocean, Bon Viviant) and Bryan Lee (Heartless Breakers, Visitors) to create Fail Better - recorded during spring of 2012 at Rigby Roads Studio with Joel Pack. Nerve Clinic played a handful of shows until Chase's and Bryan's focus shifted to Heartless Breakers in 2013.

Fail Better serves as a prequel to Griffis' ongoing progression as a person and musician prior to continuing his stories through Heartless Breakers. "After revisiting these songs four years later, I find that what I was writing about was very petty and laugh at the thought that I could have failed better." Capturing heartbreak, self-defeat, and anger of an early twenty-something, lines like 'I don't understand the competence it takes to make me a man. I swear my conscious speaks in past tense' express his desire and need to evolve prior to understanding what is required of him to do so. Fail Better also provides an in-depth look at the beginning stages of Griffis becoming the person he deserves to be and the progress made during the last four years.

Dead Leaves - "Dead Leaves"

7/14/15 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-016

“This is the first time personally where I feel like I had no limits to writing the songs”, says singer/guitarist Elliot Blair. “I wrote about things to get them off of my chest, and we want people to connect and relate.”

A bold and honest statement from the front man of the Cleveland, OH based band Dead Leaves. Their new self-titled EP is filled with heart-on-a-string emotion that fits right at home with bands like Brand New, Balance And Composure and The Hotelier.

From the very first words of Reconstruct Your Body Blair croons, “So, I felt a weight pressing when you spoke the truth to me, I never honored sympathy so much”. Blair’s delivery exudes pain and his lyrics paint pictures that blend with their loud/quiet dynamics to create an overall ebb and flow that can bring listeners to their feet or to their knees.

Previously self-releasing their last release “Amend Regret”, Dead Leaves has now teamed with Massachusetts based label Take This To Heart Records to help further expand their reach and get their music in as many hands as possible.

Dead Leaves self titled EP will be re-released on July 14th on 12”/CD via Take This To Heart Records. Pre-order now to receive an immediate download of the record.

Engineered and Mixed by Dave Piatek of Dave Piatek Recording Services in June 2014

Produced by Dave Piatek

Mastered by Sun Room Audio

Additional vocals by Jenna Fournier of Nights

No Tide - "Death Of The Sun"

6/30/15 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-015

“We're all so small in this universe; we may go our whole lives without one star in our galaxy dying.”- Will Conner (Singer/Guitarist)

The Lincoln, Nebraska indie/punk band No Tide isn’t shy about telling you what their music means to them and that they are extremely appreciative for anyone who will listen. “Death Of The Sun is about being grateful”, says Conner. “Getting to do the things you're passionate about in life doesn't always come easy.”

Their debut full length and third release with label Take This To Heart Records, Death Of The Sun is an 11-song joyride through the world of alternative/punk. With their stellar opening track Empty Handed setting the pace and overall tone of the record with upbeat and intricate drumming mixed with churning guitars and melodies that are crisp and to the point.

Songs like Sunday Morning and Night Cap showcase the bands lyrical content and story telling ability with lines like “Follow the tracks, that lead the way through the dirt, and pray the rain don’t wash away the path that keeps us hoping and knowing, we’re going somewhere more sincere”.

For the production of the record No Tide enlisted the services of producer Jay Maas (Defeater, Polar Bear Club, Transit) and headed to Getaway Studios in Boston, MA to record Death Of The Sun over the course of two weeks where they fined tuned their songs with Maas.

Death Of The Sun will be released June 30th on 12”/CD/Digital via Take This To Heart Records and brings to mind Through Being Cool era Saves The Day playing Menzingers songs with a healthy diet of The Movie Life mixed in for good measure.

Sundressed - "Dig Up A Miracle"

4/7/15 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-014

Sometimes it takes tragedy to create beauty. 6 years ago Sundressed singer/guitarist Trevor Hedges was dead to rights on a bed in an Arizona hospital. Addiction, at any time, can take down the strongest of people.

Trevor‘s struggles with addiction are detailed vividly in their new album “Dig Up A Miracle”. He states, “This release is a culmination of a journey to find the Sundressed sound that came to fruition with Garrett Tretta (drums), Forest Waldorf (Guitar) and Evan Kees (Bass). Lyrically it deals with continuing the struggle of living a sober life despite a rough past of addiction, while finding hope and passion for life.” For most people music is an outlet, for Trevor it’s an integral part of his life. “Music has been vital to my sobriety and hope anyone who struggles with any kind of life altering malady can find hope in our songs.”

Sundressed will release “Dig Up A Miracle” on April 7th via Take This To Heart Records on 12”/CD/Digital. Their honest, true to life storytelling is mixed with spot on melodies and sing-along choruses that urge the listener to stop what they are doing and grab the mic.

FFO: Modern Baseball, Weezer, The Menzingers

Catch them on tour this April w/ Heartless Breakers (Animal Style Records)

Fossil Youth- Intertwined With You

2/3/15 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-011

Fossil Youth's EP “Intertwined With You” picks up where their 2014 split with Wickerwolves (IN) left off. A loud, brash, guitar driven sound that cuts through with heart on a string emotion.

Ultimately, Fossil Youth aims to deliver a perfect synthesis of their varied influences, while keeping a sense of youth and originality at the forefront of their refined approach.

FFO: Citizen, Turnover, You Blew It!

Tracked/Mixed/Mastered by Paul Miner at BuzzBomb Sound Labs

Fossil Youth//Wickerwolves- Split

9/16/14 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-010

We here at Take This To Heart records are extremely excited to put out a split between Fossil Youth and Wickerswolves. In only 2 songs a-piece you can still feel both of these bands urgency in their song writing and how well they both compliment each other. If you like loud, guitar driven rock songs that bleed honesty be sure to listen to this split.

FFO: Citizen, You Blew It!, Daylight, My Bloody Valentine

Fossil Youth - Side A - Engineered and Mixed by Colton Jean at Artisan Studios.

Wickerwolves - Side B - Engineered and Mixed by Trevor Clark at Digitracks.

All tracks mastered by Bill Henderson.

Take This To Heart Records/ Mayflower Collective Summer Sampler

7/8/14 · Take This To Heart Records · T3H-009

2014 Free Summer Sampler from T3H Records and The Mayflower Collective. Featuring tracks from Traditions, Life On The Sideline, Stanley And The Search, No Tide, A Will Away, Head North and many more. Plus exclusive acoustic tracks from No Tide and Life On The Sideline.